Farewell, Bacchus Point

by Stars in Coma

I'm tired of what I've become I'm ready for the other timeline now The youthmaker has been a fine friend thus far But there's no obvious exit from your grip It takes so long to find out who you are It takes so long to find out who I am There were windy days in Elsinore on the other side of the strait Before our dimensions crossed Riding the ferry until we couldn't stand up
Think about the things to come I know I'm not that grounded to fully appreciate what I have Restlessness calls me by my name down another dark road My spirit animal would rather take me home My mind wants to be free to not obey the thousand rules I've set for myself so what if I screw up once in a while It's not that bad, to be a little human show your irrational side Thought about the love I received said it's crazy how you would still like me this way I was not what you had in mind, and I think that could be good somehow Think about my volative mind Oscillating all the time conceptualizing everything I never call my friends, they know I'm always here waiting for something extraordinary to happen in my life Thought about you rooting for me That's insane, I would say I was not what you had in mind, and I think that could be good somehow
So this is how to be a shifty friend to quickly avoid the old comrades by the south side of the river they are the kind with emotions as their only mutual commodity I'm not above them, but I built my ivory tower long ago to never be gone, and never be there to never be true, yet always be real There's always someone breaking down every spring So I needed to pay upfront to stay on course for another month So how have these ten years treated you not very well? cause you're basically the same as before to never be gone, and never be there to never be true, yet always be real
Repeating autumns is so cumbersome Shifting attention to the indian summers of my historic mind I'm not doing anything new anymore No talks worth raising my eyebrows for They've cleared the horizon now I used to be so easy to you, you told me I used to be so energetic once, you told me I was lost, and then you found me I was heartbroken, and then you healed me I was something new to you Finding myself on my own with all the blinds drawn I've hit these walls before, both in my nightmares and in my realities
Removing my fears now Disrupting catastrophic thoughts Crossing out lines from the past Is now part of the new upgrade But I forgive you for being human I always knew you loved me but I was slightly unwanted You taught me how to keep my distance Like I'm doing with everyone I know If you can't control your emotions then you need to control someone else If you can't make peace with your shadow Then the hate will feedback forever Since you left me, everything is in flux
On Rumination Street again crowds don't gather here anyway fitting in nicely In this golden age of perceived immortality No time for personal anxieties Afraid of losing our identities You shouted my name did I do something terribly wrong again Only safe in my secret garden with my objectives, feelings and opinions but what I found, I didn't say No one cares about me anyway All of us, sharing a similar lifeline Am I allowed to crave your sweet attention I find a way for all of us bottling up the panic until summer's eve I wished you could have modified the pain but you lack the cultural capital
Half-Life 04:37
Half smiling through the zenith of our silence Bypassing trivial talks to give me additional balance Is this like how it is now, or just a temporary depression? Doors keep closing with every new wrinkle in my face Soon I have no aspirations, no new skills to showcase You can only generate energy for so long When the money and music are depleted, I'm gone i keep on slipping into a slow life I'm not living the way I used to do I keep on fading into the shades I'm not living like I used to do oh youth is just another curse to get rid of There’s no escape to the memory of the hazy sea Or to the enchanted forest where I once grew up Fear is the only cure for boredom The future is moist with uncertainty i keep on slipping into a slow life I'm not living the way used to do I keep on fading into the shadows I'm not living like I used to do oh adulthood is just another curse to shun I can see the vast hill of my old age and it's not very far away and I hear them shouting from behind all my past selves combined All my former versions aligned
In hollow words we gather now I can never expect voices to just fade away they always stay into the sunlight we step again she said standing in cloud's portrait there is just a pureness to your anxiety I envy the lightness of young dreams The escape is alluring, gazing from behind the sunset is just one glance in time it's dizzying to be alive in another scenario we could diminish knowledge to an app
Shy among friends You wanted me to berserk again To please your diabolic ways to make the dark weather permanent Felt like myself, but also not You're the ghoul on my shoulder You're my glitchy shadow always calling for attention You're my vanishing twin my eluding companion my existential turmoil around the corner I was so lost in your ways always wondered why you had me under your spell Never wanted this split Never wanted my days to be so clouded by fear
Sending you links all the time of subversive revelations but you just want to sulk for a little while I'm on the opposite side now I learned a while back how to curb my wobbly spirit at the expense of being a stiff fucker Spent years in crisis mode for whatever reasons I don't know I just blamed the organic shifts of my shadow skull now that's yours to keep Whatever issues with your avatar you're having now it can be resolved, just take a good look at the Holden Caufield of your soul But the shifts were capricious the child was elusive, I know What ridiculous sum do I have to pay you to hand over the steering wheel Farewell, Bacchus Point Farewell, "Welcome to the pleasuredome" Farewell, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" Farewell, "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" The document knows where I've been but fooling it to never know where I'm going Looking back, my musings were always predictably circular Weekend's up for debate, but deep down we know the usual drill Why we deserve to be in a different loop, I’m not sure Did you form your own narrative, or did the game master assign one If you can't tell, what's the difference, do you know? Did you volunteered to be with me Or did God push for it Are we here at all or in another tutorial?


Bacchus Point is a fictitious place, a symbol of decadent and careless adolescence. As I was approaching my 40s, I was compelled to write an album about saying goodbye to youth in a way. So Farewell, Bacchus Point is mainly about growing older and sort of questioning the life you've led up to this point, a theme mostly prevalent in lead single "Half-Life".

As a result of this existential pondering for the past two years - the period in which this album was written and recorded - I found myself looking back to my musical awakening during the 90s. I came to realize that I had soaked up various parts of UK pop history, including 60's psychedelia, "Madchester" drum beats, the Cure's melodic sensitivity, the Smiths-driven rhythm guitars and the massive choruses of the Britpop era. All put together in my usual idiosyncratic way. I've always loved bands such as the Kinks, Moody Blues, Pulp and Oasis so it all made sense.

Some lyrical lines are making small references to the current strange times, but as a whole, this album is mostly a timeless effort, unrelated to virus outbreaks and street protests. I also deliberately tried to make an album where every song could be a single, crafting each track as accessible and hooky as possible.

André Brorsson, August 2020


released September 25, 2020

All songs written, recorded and produced by André Brorsson in Lisbon, Portugal, and Malmö, Sweden between 2018 and spring 2020.

Nicole Eklund - Saxophone on "Silent Exit Strategy" and flute on "The Obsolete Shell"
Kirk - woodwind on "Step into the Sunlight"

Album artwork by André Brorsson


all rights reserved



Stars in Coma Sweden

Since its formation in 2006, Stars in Coma has released a prolific stream of albums and EPs, and toured several countries around the world. The band’s productions, spanning six full length albums to date, draw inspiration from a variety of genres, including guitar rock, disco, funk and semi-electronic pop. ... more

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